The following is from The Power to Change Your Life by Kathryn Jason and J. McMahon published by Doubleday Co.

articlesOn a scale of 5 to 1 (5= very often; 4= often; 3=sometimes; 4= seldom; 1= hardly ever) rate your answers to the questions below. Although the total score for each tendency is not an exact measure of that tendency, nevertheless, a high score between 20 and 25 on an irrational tendency and a low score below 10 on one of the rational or supra-rational tendencies may give you pause to examine them more closely.


Irrational Tendencies


___ Are you unclear about what is important to you in life?

___ Do you lack purpose in what you do?

___ Do you think or feel in one way but behave in another way?

___ Are you unclear about how you see yourself?

___ Are you unable to set clear goals and work toward reaching them?


___Do you usually seek someone's approval before acting?

___Do you feel unsure about your judgments?

___Do you have the feeling that someone is always evaluating you?

___Are your ideas about yourself simply a reflection of the way you think people see you?

___Do you usually choose a very dominant person to be with in your relationships?


___Do you expect people to behave according to your needs all the time?

___When things do not go your way, do you withdraw and sulk?

___Do you usually blame others for your unhappiness?

___Do you get to a point in situations that you feel you have to prove your independence?

___Are some of your major decisions away from something (body) rather than toward something(body)?


___Do you usually believe the worst about people?

___Are you afraid to speak openly and honestly to your friends?

___Are many of your thoughts negative rather than constructive?

___Do you spend more time thinking about your deficiencies than about your potential?

___When people offer to do something for you, do you usually search for their hidden selfish motives?

 _______ Total


Rational Tendencies


___Do you have control of your moods so that your activities are not disrupted by extreme mood swings?

___Are you in the habit of setting goals for your personal and career development?

___Do you feel organized in your life?

___Do you usually have a good reason for what you are doing?

___Do you prudently limit your activities so that you are not spread too thin?


___Do you usually feel even tempered in stressful circumstances?

___In stressful circumstances do you focus your attention on ways of solving the problem rather than on your negative feelings about the situation?

___When confronted with a problem, do you focus your attention on your personal goals?

___Do you feel in charge of yourself in the presence of authority figures?

___Do you feel at ease in delegating authority?


___Do you look at life as a whole and integrated experience rather than a series of unconnected events?

___Are you aware of how your thoughts, behaviors and feelings in one area of your life affect the other areas?

___Do you occasionally evaluate your whole system of living to see whether it is healthy and productive or neurotic and destructive?

___Are you careful not to undertake too many activities in order not to disrupt the harmony of your schedule?

___Do your values operate consistently in all areas of your life?


___Do you believe you must be one hundred percent sure of success before you act?

___Do you feel very anxious when you experience significant changes in your life such as, changing your job?

___Do you regularly require reassurances of loyalty and affection from people close to you?

___Do you prefer to think of yourself as stable and consistent rather than changing?

___Do you usually avoid making decisions if the risk of failure is greater than ten percent or so?

 _______ Total


Supra-rational Tendencies


___Do you reflect from time to time on those specific ideals and people that give meaning to your life?

___Do you spend time thinking about your mental powers that enable you to see your potential as a person?

___Do you wonder about your destiny?

___Do you think about a contribution that you can make to a society instead of dwelling on just material profit?

___Do you define yourself in terms of what you love?


___Do you usually feel open instead of guarded in expressing your feelings?

___Are continually trying to expand your understanding of yourself and others, so that in knowing more you can do more for yourself and others?

___Do you change the order in your life when that order prevents you from realizing your ideals?

___Do you find little resentment or rebellion in yourself after deep self-reflection?

___Do you feel that you are able to move in any direction that you choose?


___Do you accept unexpected situations without getting upset?

___Do you feel confident and not threatened by new ideas?

___Have you changed your point of view on some important issue after your acquired more knowledge?

___Is searching for truth more important to you than being right in your opinion?

___Do you accept change in other people without getting upset?


___Do you feel challenged in a positive way by the uncertainties that you experience in your personal relationships or in your work?

___Can you stay a long time with a problem in your search for a solution without becoming frustrated?

___Do you feel enthusiastic about trying new ideas in your personal life?

___Do you prefer to work with complex problems rather than routine ones?

___Do you give your imagination complete freedom to compose new combinations of ideas?

_______ Total