The following are some ideals with a short list of corresponding practical ideas.

articlesExcellence: Planning; practicing; rehearsing; researching; realistically assessing abilities; concentration on the ideal; attentiveness to detail; foreseeing consequences; detachment from rewards; perseverance

Respect: Listening with eyes, ears and heart; express gratitude in word and action; speaking politely; recognizing and acknowledging the ideals and intentions of the other person

Love: Showing interest in the interests of the beloved; expressing one's feelings and thoughts to the beloved; respecting the feelings and thoughts of the other; symbolizing one's affection in the form of gifts; doing enjoyable activities together; expressing affection physically and verbally; listening to the unspoken feelings of the beloved; dialoguing about beliefs, values and hopes; planning future events both small and large; consulting each other in the decision making process

Cooperation: Staying mentally and emotionally ready to be of assistance; seeing the viewpoint of the other person; expressing one's viewpoint clearly and accurately; focusing on common goals; stating clear objectives on how to achieve goals

Truth: Facing reasons for doing something; expressing deepest feelings to oneself; choosing actions that express beliefs; speaking spontaneously without affectation; critically examining beliefs; researching to gain clear insights; dialoguing internally and with others to clarify ideas; identifying bias and prejudice

Identify the ideals and the practical concepts that pertain to your concern.

Visualize a person that exemplifies the ideal, and then complete the following sentence for each ideal.

Eg. A loyal person is one who ________________________

Ideal: Practical Concept(s):

Loyalty _________________________________

Competence _________________________________

Trust _________________________________

Wisdom _________________________________

Knowledge _________________________________

Personal power _________________________________

Other _________ _________________________________