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Critical Common-Sense VS the Dictators of Language

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Created by J.J. McMahon, Ph.D. These are a citizen's reflections about who tells whom how and what to say, think, and do.
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Critical common-sense wisdom advises us to step back and assess the spiritual tone of our lives and our institutions and to be on guard against the origin of evil: the lie and its twin, ego-earth idolatry. This booklet traces the interior and exterior activities of the human planning process inherent in our internal self-conscious speech. We want to figure out which attitude, the traditionalist theistic-spiritual-scientific stance or the Marxist atheistic-materialistic-social science stance toward ourselves and our worlds, is true and best for us and our institutions.

The Interior Life - The Human Tendencies Map to Power and Peace of Soul

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Created by J.J. McMahon, Ph.D. "The Interior Life" can help you to take an internal audit.
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Change and the desire for stability make up the paradoxes of life. We yearn for peace of soul, but the tranquility that accompanies happiness requires the energetic pursuit of a practical ideal.  We all desire the comfort of physical and economic well being, but the realization of these pleasures requires sustained effort and expanded knowledge. We desire a peaceful world, but a world of harmony demands the constant practice of the arts of love and justice. We live in a sea of changing currents.  To live well we need to learn how to navigate our way through the storms of life and how to enjoy the calm waters of the good days. 

A Workbook on Practical Mindfulness

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This new workbook, created by J.J. McMahon, Ph.D. can be used by individuals and groups looking to work effectively using the VisionCircles program:
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Practical Mindfulness:

The program of Practical Mindfulness is designed to help us strengthen our rational and supra-rational tendencies.  Without a sense of vision and habits of rational thinking brilliant strategies and techniques are like expensive golf clubs in the hands of a duffer.  A good artist, a good athlete, a good executive, and a good anybody will use their sense of vision to invent ways to realize their ideals.  Strategies and techniques do not automatically work for us.  Vision is necessary to excel and to make strategies work. Practical Mindfulness creates strategies and techniques within the context of our personal vision.

What Do I Believe In? - A Rational Intuitive Guide For Creating a Personal Creed

Check out the book intro by J.J McMahon. Book now available here:
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We all want to be successful at what we are doing. Since each person has his or her personal interpretation of the human ideals to which we are all connected, the meaning of success varies from person to person.

The aim of this book is to show you in a step by step procedure how to direct your own life effectively by using your powers of reflective thinking to solve problems, to develop new insights, and to create your world according to your ideals.

The VisionCircles Workbook

J.J. McMahon introduces the VisionCircles workbook, now available here:
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Living is an art. Most artists would agree with the adage that creativity is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. Maybe the ratio is a little different. But, one thing is for sure, if we want the joy of living a creative life and not the pain of a dull and destructive life, we just can'€™t wing it. This Workbook is a great tool, providing many excercises and practical examples, for anyone pursuing a deeper understanding of the VisionCircles program.