The Pentagon of Life

A successful life means that we are developing harmoniously in each area according to our ideals. Success in one area will contribute to development in the other areas.


Common sense without critical reflection can lead to the erroneous assumption that the ground plan for self-development happens automatically...


The ability to dialogue effectively with oneself and one’s spouse can be developed through practice. Vision Circles demonstrates the method and the cognitive skills leading to productive actions that will realize the ideal of intimacy.


Effective parents engage in rational self-dialogue and interpersonal dialogue to stay focused on the richness of their intuited ideals and search for practical ways to raise their families.


The OSCAR method of the Vision Circles program is a comprehensive, step by step process that will guide you in clarifying your work values and in searching for practical ways to choose a fulfilling career.


Just as self-dialogue is necessary for personal growth, so also social dialogue is required for the maturation, integrity and effectiveness for our institutions.


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