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Vision Circles will show you a method to develop a clear vision of your intuited ideals that relate to all the dimensions of your life (personal, career, financial, family, career, religious) and to discover the practical ways to realize them.

Our Approach

1. to meta-cognitively, that is, to critically and reflectively review our past actions in the light of our intuitive ideals;
2. to creatively enrich our personal creed to direct and improve our future actions.

  • sort out real problems from symptoms
  • observe and label emotions, behaviors and thinking acurately
  • distinguish reasonable assumptions and expectations from unreasonable ones
  • identify idealsfor different spheres (personal, family, career, spriritual, etc.)
  • develop creative mental habits
  • plan and execute effective actions

Research shows that:

  • People that learn and employ meta-cognitive activities raise their level of performance.
  • People with good meta-cognitiveskills are better problem solvers and decision makers.
  • mental confidence
  • mental power
  • mental clarity
  • mental effectiveness
  • mental efficiency
  • mental growth


Research shows that:

  • Repeated experiences in one on one dialogue improved reasoning skills.
  • Adults often fails to monitor their thinking.
  • organizational morale
  • organizational team work
  • organizational leadership
  • political civility
  • political integrity
  • political effectiveness for the common good

Research shows that:
People who engage in group problem solving activities have higher levels of intrinsic motivation; improve their learning strategies; and, develop critical thinking skills.