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The following sub-categories show how the VisionCircles methodology may be used to aid the resolution of virtually any situation. You may view all programs in turn or explore freely at your own discretion.


The issue of Discipline (for Parents)


Circle One - What am I saying to myself about my twelve year old son whose grades are falling?

"He doesn't get it. He's not doing his homework. He's distracted. Always playing games on the computer. The teachers tell me that he daydreams. I ground him and take away his privileges. Even that doesn't work. He doesn't seem to have any ambition. He's driving me up the wall. I get so damn frustrated with him. I want to see him do well. If he stays on this track, what will happen to him in high school?"


Circle Two - How am I responding to this problem?

I'm taking away his privileges.
I'm making my complaints to him. I am complaining to my wife about him.
I'm distancing myself from him, so that I don't blow up.

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