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The following sub-categories show how the VisionCircles methodology may be used to aid the resolution of virtually any situation. You may view all programs in turn or explore freely at your own discretion.


Career Advancement

This program is for those who feel stalled or going off track in their career.

After a few years in our chosen work we expect to feel confident that we are growing in our life's work. If we are experiencing that fuzzy feeling of, "Something is not right here", then it's time to take a close look at our thoughts, feelings and behaviors about our career. Maybe we're playing the right game, but we are in the wrong position. Or, we could be in a career that does not suit our abilities, interests or values. We sense that we need to make some sort of a change before it's too late. The following program will walk you through the steps of the OSCAR method to help you to clarify your thinking about your career concerns and to discover the practical means of adjusting or changing your work to match your ideals and talents.

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Career Choice

A few years ago I asked my engineer friend how he made the decision about his career choice. He told me that when he was ten years old he watched the construction of a bridge over a river in his part of the country. “There and then I knew that I wanted to be an engineer,” he said definitively. Enjoying a successful career with a prestigious company he revealed that following his inspiration to study engineering was the best decision of his life.

The majority of people do not experience a crystallization of a career path at such an early age. In the absence of a particular genius most of us engage in the activities of exploration, experimentation and soul searching to discover a career that will be rewarding, creative and productive. Besides satisfying basic needs for material goods and security the research shows that people want to feel that in their work they are doing something worthwhile. It is the latter point, namely, matching our personal values or what is important to us with a specific career that requires methodical thinking to arrive at a clear decision.

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