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The following sub-categories show how the VisionCircles methodology may be used to aid the resolution of virtually any situation. You may view all programs in turn or explore freely at your own discretion.


Political Involvement

Probably, a political conversation is one of the most contentious, and maybe even painful, activities that we want to avoid. Whenever someone tries to elicit our opinion on the policies of the mayor, governor or president, we raise our hands in a defensive gesture, as if we were being shot at. We just can't seem to have rational conversations about the government that affects us so much.

Too often an innocent remark about the wisdom of a governmental policy turns out to be a street fight between me battling for my party and the other guy fighting for his. As in all street-brawls the gloves and the rules are ditched. Anything goes. All the fallacious arguments are in play. At the end of it all everyone is angry and tired without anything having been accomplished. We mutter to ourselves, as we walk away, "I'll never get suckered into that again". We'll be content to talk only to those that think like us.

In the back of our minds we know that we all ought to engage in reasonable discourse about the social and economic worries affecting everyone. But how to do it, so that we feel our efforts are contributing to the solutions of our problems?

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