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The following sub-categories show how the VisionCircles methodology may be used to aid the resolution of virtually any situation. You may view all programs in turn or explore freely at your own discretion.


How to Change Depressive Moods

When applying the OSCAR method of thinking we have to keep in mind one of the major principles of Vision Circles, namely, that the human mind is always a dynamo of energy and not an empty bucket. Although I may feel depressed, irritable, fatigued, dysfunctional, drawn, indecisive, and/or worthless, I cannot in good common sense leap to the conclusion that in the depths of my being I am all those things. In truth, I always have in my mind a glimmer of my ideals springing from my intuition. At the core of my being I am the possibility of what I see. But, in times of depressive moods many distorted perceptions of myself blind my reason from realistically understanding myself and the world.

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Over the years I have conducted informal surveys with college students, evening college adults and graduate students on their beliefs about spirituality. Almost all thought of themselves as spiritual in some way. Although claiming to be spiritual many felt that they were not religious in the sense that they had not been attending church. When pressed to give a clear meaning of spirituality, they would talk about extraordinary, personal experiences or ordinary experiences such as, holding their first newborn. Everyone firmly believed there was a 'more' to them and the physical world.

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Stress Reduction

An ancient story tells the tale of a medieval merchant on his way to a remote destination. Before embarking on his risky journey he sought practical advice from his fellow businessmen that had just returned about how to prepare for his itinerary . They warned him that a terrible disease had just begun to plague the population that he was about to visit. “Don’t go!” they said. “A hundred thousand people are expected to die.” Heeding their dire forecast the merchant, nevertheless, cautiously undertook his business trip. Upon completing his transactions he returned home in good health. His business colleagues happy to see him asked if indeed a hundred thousand people in that remote region died from the deadly disease. He replied, “Oh, no! Two hundred thousand died! A hundred thousand from the disease and another hundred thousand worrying that they would get the disease.”

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