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How to Change Depressive Moods

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I need to will to see clearly, and then I will work on firing up my mental powers to dismantle my cockeyed perceptions.

There are two basic hypotheses that we use to view ourselves: 1) passive 2) active.

If I choose #1, passive, then I see myself as the victim of everything that has happened, is happening, or will happen to me. With this attitude there is little that I can do to change my mood. I have gratuitously and imprudently handed over all my power to events and people.

If I choose #2, active, then I see myself standing in-between my world as it is with my failures, disappointments, uncaring people, and other limitations on the one hand, and, on the other hand I see my world as it could be, that is, enlightened by my ideals such as, integrity, courage and love.

If I choose to take an active stance toward myself and my world, then I am ready to use Vision Circles to change 'what-is' into 'what-could-be'.