What is the method of the Vision Circles Program?

The basic beliefs behind the method are:

  1. Each person's life is unique even though we share the same physical energy, language, culture, religion, etc.
  2. Each person is directly in touch with his/her unique worth and the ideals that inspire each of us.
  3. Each person can think about his/her thinking to direct and control the thoughts, the emotions and the behaviors that he/she experiences in each of the four circles.
  4. Each person needs to construct a personal creed composed of his/her ideals and practical ways of realizing them.


The five steps of the method

The acronym, OSCAR, stands for the five steps of the method designed to identify our ideals and the practical ways to realize them.

O = Observe what is going on in each circle in order to label the contents (emotions, behaviors, ideas)

S = Sort out the positives and the negatives in each circle to find out what needs to be changed.

C = Connect the vision of our ideals to the practical ways that will realize our ideals in our situation.

A = Act on the new practical concepts that we believe will make our ideals come true.

R = Re-evaluate the effectiveness of our behaviors that were guided by our ideals and new practical concepts. If we did not get the results that we expected, we need to search for better practical concepts.