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Vision Circles can be used in groups focused on developmental themes e.g. marriage, parenting, career development, etc.

The group leader can have one member at a time present his or her concern. As each member proceeds through the five steps of the OSCAR method the other members will practice the skill of listening to and reflecting the presenter's feelings and thoughts.

The aim here is to help the presenters to clarify and accept their thoughts and feelings and to engage the group in the practice of listening and creative thinking. Instead of each member presenting in succession the group can proceed through each step of the OSCAR method together. Each member of the group will complete step one of observing his/her emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and tendencies related to her/his concern.

After all the members have completed step one, then the group will proceed to step two and so forth.

Groups that focus on psychologically sensitive issues should be conducted by a trained leader.