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Of particular importance is the meaning of our ideals in Circle Three. That everyone tries to realize her or his ideals in all the dimensions of life forms the corner stone of the Vision Circles Program. For this reason the program is more than a psychological 'how-to' formula that can be mechanically applied to feel better. In step three the OSCAR method asks the participants to think reflectively and creatively about the practical meaning of their ideals.

Only the individual participant can discover how to use the proper, practical idea at the right time in the right place.

The Vision Circles Program can be used in all the dimensions of life - secular, spiritual and religious - because in all these areas humans want to create with their bodies what they see with their minds.

Problems get solved in any area of life (in business, in politics, in science, in personal issues, in mundane concerns like fixing the broken boiler or renovating the basement, etc.) because we have an ideal in mind that tells us what-could-be. The range of ideals extends from those of character such as, love, integrity, justice, truth etc. to those of performance such as, excellence, reliability, perseverance, etc. An attentive mind using common sense and creative thinking can make the ideal real. Then, we will experience the joy of making our world.

Note: The section in the menu entitled "Programs", consists of sample self-dialogues that show you how to use the OSCAR method. Since I want to demonstrate the applicability of Vision Circles to a variety of issues and to show you how to use the OSCAR method, I have made the contents of the problems rather simple. These programs are demonstrations of how to go about solving your concerns in these areas; they do not pretend to be definitive solutions. Keep in mind that the aim of Vision Circles is to help you discover your practical ways of realizing your ideals. Specific information that will help you discover more practical ideas consistent with your ideals can be sought in books, in workshops, on the web, etc. written and conducted by professionals.

The Vision Circles Program can also be used in workshops, lectures, consultations, etc. by professionals with expert knowledge in a particular area such as, marriage, parenting, leadership, financial planning, etc. to help people resolve their concerns within the framework of their ideals.